Corporate Giving
The Gift of Giving works great for incentives, rewards programs, or clients. To give corporate gifts contact:

Group Power

The Gift of Giving is an ideal gift for companies of all sizes. From holidays and employee anniversaries to performance recognition and company milestones, it’s a gift that honors the individual while giving back to the greater good. Companies can also introduce and promote a company-wide giving program with a matching feature that recognizes the charities employees choose to support. If your organization has a corporate foundation, The Gift of Giving can extend the reach of your corporate philanthropy program while acknowledging the contributions of key employees or clients. To discuss how Gift of Giving could benefit your organization, contact us here...

At the gift of giving website, YOU will be able to select an amount to donate...
Friends, associates, and loved ones choose the charity that receives the donation...
And together you will both make a difference in the lives of those who need it most!


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